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About Us

RenoSkin International Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company.  It mainly focuses on development of Research Based Organic and Natural Skincare products. Products before being introduced into the market are being developed by Researchers. 

The inspiration and motivation to develop Organic and Natural products came from the idea that "Nature is Pure so it cures". More over Natural and Organic products are less or no harmful to human with less or no side effects. 


Shahid Ali

B.Sc Chemical Engineering

M.E Chemical Engineering (UMP Malaysia)

PhD Chemical Engineering (Process Safety) (On-Going)

Shahid Ali has been a member of Center of Advanced Process Safety (CAPS), and a Graduate Assistant (GA) at University Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Perak, Malaysia. He has seven years research experience, published several journal papers and attended indexed conferences.

Nor Mahirah Mustafa

Executive MBA (UMP Malaysia), 2014

PhD Industrial Management (UMP Malaysia), 2019

Nor Mahirah Mustafa did Executive MBA from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (2014) and succesfully finished her doctorate study (PhD) in Industrial Management (2019) . She has five years experience as a Graduate Asistant (GA) work with professor and professional research team at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. She has published twelve research journals and joined five indexed conferences.

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