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BIOACTIVZ is a product by RenoSkin. It is a Herbal Therapy for ACNE & DARK-SPOTS. it works in a 4-Steps.

Anti-Bacterial: Kills the Bacteria that has Proliferated into Skin Pores. 

Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces Inflammation caused by Blocked Pores

Sebum Cleanser: A Gentle Massage called the Oil Cleansing Method using BIOACTIVE clears the Skin pores. It will dissolve the sebum that has hardened with impurities and found itself stuck in your pores.

Clears up the DARK-SPOTS left behind by ACNE PRONE Skin​

  • Contains Certified Therapeutic Grade AUSTRALIAN Tea Tree Oil

  • Therapeutic Grade Rose-Hip Oil 


  • Suitable for Mild to Low Oily skin.

  • Suitable for Mild to Low ACNE PRONE Skin

BioActivz Face Serum

SKU: BIO2019
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